Advertising Services

Modem specializes in using search engine marketing (SEM) and social media ads to help businesses connect with customers using the power of popular search and social platforms like Google, Facebook/Instagram, Bing, and Amazon. Our services can be broken down into the three categories listed below.

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Get detailed  and in-depth reports that give you the data and analysis you need to make informed decisions about your business.

  • Ad Performance: Learn about what kind of return you are getting on your online ad spending and what changes could be made to improve performance.
  • Competitive research: Discover how your business compares to competitors in terms of search rankings, site traffic, and advertising strategies.
  • SEO: Find out where your website ranks in search results and what steps can be taken to improve your rankings and attract more traffic to you site.
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Create ad campaigns that are specifically targeted to people most likely to buy based on:

  • The keywords they use in a Google search
  • If they have ever visited your website or bought something from you in the past 
  • Their geographic location 
  • The time of day, day of week, or season 
  • Demographics like age, gender, and income
  • and many more
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Monitoring and managing the performance of digital ad campaigns is an ongoing process. Regular adjustments need to be made in keywords, targeting, or bids used to maintain and further improve performance and adapt campaigns to changes in the marketplace.


See some of the results of our work: