Client Case Study: Bird-X Inc.

Bird-X Inc Bird Spikes

Bird-X Inc. is a leading manufacturer of humane bird and pest control products. Established in 1964, this Chicago based company distributes its products all over the world, employs a staff of 100, and generates gross annual revenue around $15 million.

After poor management by a previous marketing consultant, Bird-X’s marketing director needed help in assessing and improving the performance of their advertising on the two major search engines, Google and Bing. 

Modem was able to increase the ROI on Bird-X’s search ad spending by 40% over  the previous quarter. This was accomplished using a combination of eliminating wasteful ad spending, creating and testing new ad copy, and more precise targeting of relevant keywords and audiences.

Significant improvements were also made to the Bird-X site’s SEO by fixing crawl and index errors, adding missing meta-tags, and managing backlinks.